"The piano is a universal instrument. If you start there, learn your theory and how to read, you can go on to any other instrument." - Eddie Van Halen


Pendey Piano Gallery offers financing options that can put the piano of your dreams well within your reach.


Contact us and find out how we can make it affordable for you to get the piano you want for your home, business or house of worship. 

Rentals, Moving, Tuning and Appraisals 

Rentals- Long term and Short term rentals on all of our pianos.


Moving- Whether your piano needs to go cross-town, cross country, or simply from room-to-room, our skilled team of movers can make it happen, with all the care for your instrument that you show it yourself.


Tuning- Call or email us to set up a time for a professional technician to get your piano back to sounding like it is supposed to.


Appraisals- Whether you have an insurance claim or just a valuation.We offer piano appraisals on sight and over the phone. Call for details


Restoration, & Technical Services

Restoration- We specialize in restoring pianos for individuals who desire to preserve their heirloom instruments.


Technical Work- Your piano off key and out of tune? Have a key that's sticking or a damper that won't drop? Let us know 

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